doodle maker

What is Doodle Maker?

doodle maker

What is Doodle Maker?

Doodle Maker Videos are a form of video animation or whiteboard animation. It is a unique form that shows a hand drawing the cartoon as a narrator speaks your marketing message. It is one of the most popular apps used for marketing. A brand-new cloud-based software; that creates whiteboard, glass board, and blackboard videos with human-like voice-over in minutes. It provides a unique form of animation.
The creator and maker of Doodle maker Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar, give your a chance to use Doodle Maker with its brand-new technology, whether on a whiteboard, blackboard, or glass board. With the Doodle Maker, you will not only save your money and time, but you can also promote your business to make a good profit. It is the fastest doodle-making software that uses Artificial Intelligence. One can create high-quality videos and export them in 720p or 1080 p HD quality.

Features of Doodle Maker

Doodle Maker provides a wide range of varieties for their user to hatch their attention in the market. Video made on whiteboard animation is one of the best ways to educate, sell, engage and inspire audiences.

Video templates inside

It provides you to produce animated videos in less period. With the help of its artificial intelligence, anyone who can create videos regardless of technical skill, age, or design skills can effortlessly create stunning, realistic, and professional Doodle videos in over 60 languages in minutes.

60+ languages

With Doodle Maker, one can create videos in more than 60 languages without ever filming your speech, posing in front of the camera, or recruiting costly voices over musicians.

High-quality videos

Doodle Maker is well known for creating high-quality animated videos. The software allows you to use plenty of customization options. One can also change the background of the images and the colors.


Doodle maker gives your the option of customization. Therefore, you can determine the texture, color, animation type and time, the type of transitions, and so much more.
To engage with the customer, doodle maker is a perfect combination of listing and hand-drawn sketch that keeps viewers engaging and absorbing all of the information; that we wanted to pass on.
Doodle maker is the world’s best software that uses intuitive Artificial Intelligence that allows anyone, regardless of technical skills, age, or design skills. Anyone can effortlessly create spectacular, realistic, and professional doodle videos in over 60+ Languages Within Minutes. Doodle maker comes with transcription and translation features that allow us to convert video scripts to doodle videos in any language.
Now a day after the lockdown, people don’t want to rely their life on a single salary; they want to increase their source of income. Doodle Maker plays a vital role in educating, selling, engaging, and inspiring audience all over the world.

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