What is Blog?

What is Blogging?


Do you want to earn a passive income even when you are in your dreams? Do you want to have a passive income even when you are not working? Do you want to work only once and want to have a flow income?

Yes!!! You have all this and this will continue in your life through out.


Have you heard about blogging? Yes blogging… you will be paid for the articles you write and with your interest for yourself.


Much before before Jio offer their offer their free internet plan for their customer… Blogging was just a personal diary that people shared on internet.  People use to write articles, in which they use to discuss about their lifestyle, their passion, and about the stuff they like the most. Then blogging became a platform for the people to communicate information.


You can take blogging as your part-time or full time career.


What is Blog writing?


A Blog cab be explain as a detailed information about a particular things people are looking for.


Why people start Blogging?


Today people starts blogging to have a passive income. But, that’s not only reason they also write they loves writing. They write to share their experience about their life, lifestyle, their experience etc. Some people also write to give your their review about the new products they brought from the market.


What all things you need for Blogging?


To write writing all you need a proper blogging platform. Before you start writing you need to choose your Niche. A Niche can be defined as a topic in which you want your blogging site should be. Choosing a proper niche is the first, bur very important step. For niche you should choose a topic in which you are very passionate about. If your choose the niche which your doesn’t like you may get bored and may discontinue your blogging site.


How to choose a Proper Niche?


Chose a topic which you are passionate about; a topic you like the most. It can be anything.  it can be anything, something you are very much interested about and comfortable with the topic.  To have a keen interest about the niche you choose is very much important.

 Some of the famous niche are


·         Travelling

·         Food Blog

·         Sports

·         Technology

·         Motivation

·         Fashion

·         Photography


If you have done with your niche, now next step is to pick up blog name and domain name for your site.


A blog name should be connected or should be able to define your blog site. After you are ready with blog name choose a platform for domain and hosting.

You can take domin and hosting from various popular sites like Godaddy, Bluehost, SiteGround etc.


Once you take your domain name and Hosting, design your website. you can get number of themes and plugin in wordpress. There is free and premium theme available in wordpress.


Once you setup with your website, get ready to plan your content. Before you write your first blog plan your content.