Punch Marked Coins

Making of Punched Marked Coins

Punched Marked Coins

Punched Marked Coins are the earliest coins of India, dated between the 6th Century BC and the 2nd Century BC. These were the first coins issued in the 6th-century Mahajanapadas of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. These were irregular shapes with prescribed weights. Some Punched marked coins issued contain a single and some multiple punches.

To make Punch Marked coin sheets of metals are first melted in a crucible known as ‘Musha’ and then purified with Alkalis (Kshara). Then metals were beaten into the sheets on an anvil (Adhikarni) and with a hammer (Mushtika) and then cut into pieces with clippers (Sandansha), finally; coins stamped with dies and punches having the symbol. In the final weight, improper weight coins are cut and clipped to adjust the proper weight. Such coins do not contain inscriptions but depict symbols like geometrical, floral patterns, animals, birds, trees, hills, and human figures.

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