Gurjara-Partihara Coinage

Gurjara-Partihara Coinage

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Gurjara-Partihara had ruled over the part of present-day Gujarat, Malwa, and Ganga Basin from Punjab to Bihar. The feudatories of this kingdom were Chauhan, the Guhilas and the Kalachuries of Gorakhpur, the Chalukyas, and the Chapas. Being the feudatories of these kingdoms, they had spread over a large region.

The chief source of revenue of this kingdom was agriculture. The prime expenditure of this kingdom was the royal household and the army.

Coins issued by Gurjara-Partihara

The coins of Gurjara-Partihara, are divided into two parts Vigrahapala dramma and Adivaraha Pala dramma.

Vigrahapala dramma

Vigrapapala is the name of the billon (silver/copper alloy) coin. The obverse of the coin depicts the bust of the king with the late Brahmi or proto-Devanagari legend Sri Vagra, and the reverse side features a fire altar flanked. The weight of this coin is 3.18g.

The Vigrapala dramma had been used over a long period, probably 50-100 years old.

Second Imperial Coinage :

The Adivaraha Dramma

The Adivaraha dramma was a billon coin. Initially, they get included in the Indo-Sassanians coinage category.

The obverse side coins depict the incarnation of Vishnu, and the reverse side of this coin features a pictorial element. Brahmi legend Proto-Devanagari legend ‘Sri Madadivaraha’. The weight of these coins is 3.7g.

Latest Imperial Coinage – The Vinayaka Dramma

The latest and most degraded coins are Adivaraha types coins that bear the legend ‘Sri Vinayakapala Deva’ issued by the late Gurjara Pratihara rulers. The coins were smaller in size and ruder than the poorest Adivaraha coins. The mean weight of these coins is 3.78g.

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