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WOW Backgrounds 2.0 Plus information

WOW Background 2.0

WOW, Backgrounds 2.0 are the best solution that overcomes your problem of distracting background in your photos while attending online meetings or presentations.

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doodle maker

What is Doodle Maker?

What is Doodle Maker? Doodle Maker Videos are a form of video animation or whiteboard animation. It is a unique form that shows a hand drawing the cartoon as a narrator speaks your marketing message. It is one of the most popular apps used for marketing. A brand-new cloud-based software; that creates whiteboard, glass board, […]

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Mints and mintmarks of India

Mints and mint marks of India

A mint is a place where coins are made or minted and mint-mark is a letter or symbol engraved on coins. All the coins produced has mint and mint mark. In India, there are four places where the coins are minted they are :- Calcutta or Kolkata, Mumbai or Bombay, Hyderabad Noida near New Delhi. […]

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Numismatic is the study or collection of coins, tokens, paper money, and sometimes related objects (such as medals). The person who collects coins is called a Numismatist.

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