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About us

About us

I am a Navi Mumbai resident, and I have completed my Graduation B. A (History) from Mumbai University. I am a Master’s Degree holder in Numismatics and Archaeology and working as an Assistant Research.
Online Ashwa is an e-commerce website for banknotes, coins, and stamps. It aims to help all the people who want to start their journey as a coin, note, or stamps collections; but don’t know how to start with.
Online Ashwa aims to provide the best information regarding all three platforms and wants to make each Indian start their coin collection to save our Indian history.


We aim to provide rightful information regarding coins, notes, and stamps so that there will be transparency and authenticity to promote this hobby of collecting and investing in memorabilia and collectibles segment.


Coins play an important role in the history of any country. It acts like a bridge that connects all the segments of history. All the citizen of the country should start collecting coin because it may or may not gives you a good amount, but it will give you good historical information.
Our ultimate aim is to preserve our cultural history and heritage, this collectible items belong to and bring complete liquidity and transparency in the collectibles category and establish collectibles.